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  • Easily understand the structure of machine and operate in the assembling process of various models
  • Safe circuit module (which welding is unnecessary)
  • Able to understand the movement and internal structure of the object
  • Improve spatial perception ability from the assembling process.

Loosing Parts


  • It is organized for the user to check and revise the important points and allows the user to go to the next level after insuring the most important points
  • It provides the various characters and pictures rather than excessive texts
  • Users can complete their own workbook

Multilevel Books



Spare Parts

  • CPU x1
  • DC Motor Drive x2
  • IR Sensor x3
  • Contact Switch x4
  • Sound Sensor x1
  • IR Transmitter x1
  • IR Receiver x1
  • LED x3
  • Buzzer x1
  • DC Motor 100rpm x4
  • DC Motor 600rpm x2
  • Servo Motor x2
  • Battery Case x4
  • Bluetooth transmitter x1
  • Bluetooth module x2
  • Bluetooth board x1
  • Interface Board x1
  • Battle Interface Board x1
  • Double Axis Motor x1


1 year warranty

*Design and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


    Windows Base

  • GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows the user to enjoy the programming much easier
  • Flowchart concept programming
  • From the simple program to the complicated program, The diverse functions are available such as Variable uses, various control statements (while, if, break, loop etc.), functional call etc


Rogic Program


    Android Base

  • SmartRogic make the progam can be written and dowonload via smartphone
  • User can control Roborobo by smartphone using RoboStick
  • Easily download at Google Play
  • Free To Download!!!